Dear cocktail peanuts,

you’re salty and delicious and i love you. and you’re the only thing im sure loves me back. one of my closest friends is turning on me, and cant even listen to me when i actually need her. Him, I dont know what we are and its making me crazy. we’re not together but more than friends. It’s just kind of like if this doesnt mean anything to you then i need to know. Because i know i could never move on if i knew there was a chance we could still be together…its making me ccrraazzyyy even more than i already was. Im like 6789765067546354876% done with this day, week, month, and year. Can i go to sleep and wake up when its June and summertime again? Thats when i’m happy. I’m so confused and its like everything is pointing different directions and everyone is saying do this do that go here be this and my head is saying no do this dont listen to them and my moral compass is saying no! dont listen! listen to me and im left here like hold up what? All I have to look forward to is the possibility of the Mayday Parade and The Maine concert. I cant stop thinking about it. I just can’t wait for all of this to fix itself, or just go away.




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